EVTeC 2021

Announcing awardees of EVTeC 2021 Young Investigator Awards

A2.1 Flattening Radial Force Sum Method for Noise Reduction in Traction Switched Reluctance Motor

Mr. Candra Adi Wiguna
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

A2.3 Temperature Visualization of Motor Using Wireless Sensing During Vehicle Running

Mr. Tatsuo Nishimura
(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

A2.4 Fault Tolerant Asymmetrical Six Phase Drive Controlled by Two Microprocessors

Mr. Shen Wang
(Nagoya University)

A3.3 A Drive System with Low Noise and Vibration for a High-speed PMSM

Mr. Takafumi Hara
(Hitachi, Ltd.)

C1.1 Development of the Third-Generation Wireless In-wheel Motor

Prof. Osamu Shimizu
(The University of Tokyo)

C1.3 Cornering Force Maximization with Variable Slip Ratio Control Based on Brush Tire Model

Mr. Hiroyuki Fuse
(The University of Tokyo)

D1.5 Efficiency Maximization of Wireless Power Transfer Systems with Resonance Frequency Mismatch

Dr. Katsuhiro Hata
(The University of Tokyo)

E1.3 Li-ion Battery in All Solid State toward High Energy and Power Densities: Focus on Lithium Superionic Conductor as Key Material

Dr. Satoshi Hori
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

F3.1 Development of Middle Speed Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Simulation Test Bench

Dr. Daisuke Gunji
(NSK Ltd.)

G2.1 Novel Evaluation Method for Leakage Electromagnetic Field Using Coil Scaling Law for Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle

Mr. Hayato Sumiya

H2.1 Design of Semiconductor/Insulator Interfaces in SiC Trench MOSFETs to Improve Power Efficiency of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Dr. Katsuhiro Kutsuki