5th International Electric Vehicle Technology ConferenceEVTeC 2021


"Future Mobility beyond CASE"

Organized by the JSAE, the leading academic society of automotive engineers in Japan, EVTeC is a conference that focuses on EVs, HEVs, FCVs, PHVs and various other related technologies. The first EVTeC was held in May 2011 with great success. Despite being held just after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it featured the presentation of 66 papers and gathered 230 participants. The second EVTeC was successfully held in May 2014, featuring 90 papers and 264 participants. The third EVTeC was held in May 2016, which was also a success with 101 papers and 293 participants. The fourth was held jointly with EVS organized by JARI as EVS 31 & EVTeC 2018 in Kobe, October, resulting in the scale expansion of 317 papers and 1160 participants for the symposium.

EVTeC 2021 will be held at Pacifico Yokohama, alongside the JSAE Annual Spring Congress. More than 90,000 people are expected to visit the exhibition. Participation in the Spring Congress and exhibition is free of charge for EVTeC participants, and these events provide an excellent opportunity to see the forefront of activities being carried out in Japan.

Countries around the world are pinning much hope on electric vehicles and putting much effort in their popularization, as a means of dealing with global warming problems, extricating themselves from dependence on oil and addressing energy conservation. As part of this, along with innovations in batteries and other component technologies, evolution of EV bodies have been steadily promoted.
Furthermore, in recent years, in addition to partnerships with electric power systems, we have also begun exploring the potential for creating value and providing services based on new perspectives such as CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, and electric) on the back of advances in information technology.
It is our hope, therefore, that EVTeC 2021 will serve as a forum for international discussion on the topics of new mobility beyond CASE in the form of next-generation electric vehicles and smart society.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Yokohama in May 2021!

Hiroshi Fujimoto (The University of Tokyo)
Chairperson of EVTeC 2021

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