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Yokohama is located in the centre of Japan, along the coastline of Japan's Pacific Ocean, and one of the 15 Japanese Government-designated cities. The average temperature in Yokohama is 16 degrees centigrade with a pleasant weather in spring and autumn, high temperature and high humidity in summer, and a mild climate and less snow in winter. The total population of Yokohama is 3,650,000 persons as of March 1,2009, making the city the second largest after Tokyo's 23 Wards. A number of foreign enterprises have established their branches in Yokohama by taking full advantage of the Yokohama Port which is an international trading port. Yokohama is a city of dreams for every Japanese person as well as its local citizens who are very proud of living here because it is not only very famous as a tourist mecca, but also has every urban function including, but not limited to, business and culture.

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