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A Vehicles & Transportation Systems
A-1 Electric Vehicles
A-2 Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
A-3 Fuel Cell Vehicles
A-4 Light Vehicles & Personal Mobility
A-5 Two- & Three-Wheelers
A-6 Heavy Duty Vehicles & Buses
A-7 Welfare & Senior Vehicles
A-8 Off-Road & Industrial Vehicles
A-9 Railway Vehicles
B Energy Supply & Storage Systems
B-1 Batteries
B-2 Battery Management System
B-3 Super Capacitors
B-4 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
B-5 Flywheels
B-6 Fuel Cell Systems
B-7 AC&DC Charging System
B-8 Idling Reduction System
B-9 Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
C Propulsion Systems & Components
C-1 Drive & Propulsion Systems
C-2 Electric Motors & Control Technologies
C-3 E-motors/Generators & their Integration
C-4 Auxiliary Components & Sensors
C-5 Vehicle Motion & Stability Control
C-6 Components for Transportation System
C-7 Superconductivity Energy Transfer
D Power Electronics Components
D-1 Power Semiconductor Devices & Highly Integrated Modules
D-2 Wide Band Gap Devices & Related Issues
D-3 Packaging, Cooling, & Heat Transfer
D-4 Magnetics, Capacitors, Bus Bar, & 3D Integrations
D-5 Sensors for Motors & Converters
D-6 Intelligent Motors & Actuators
D-7 Harnesses, Connectors, & Protection/Distribution Devices
E Wireless Power Transfer
E-1 Stationary Wireless Power Transfer
E-2 Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
E-3 High Power Transfer
E-4 Electromagnetic Compatibility
E-5 Health and Safety Considerations
F Infrastructure
F-1 V2H & V2G
F-2 Energy Supply & Infrastructure
F-3 Hydrogen & Sustainable Energy
F-4 Intelligent Transportation System for EVs
F-5 Environmental Impact
F-6 Recycle & Life Cycle Analysis
G Other Related Topics
G-1 Modeling & Simulation
G-2 International Networking
G-3 Measuring Methods & Equipments
G-4 Public Policy & Promotion

Abstract Submission

Authors intending to present a paper at EVTeC 2016 & APE Japan 2016 are invited to submit an extended abstract in English with a length of approximately 1000 words. The extended abstract should not exceed 2 pages of A4 size (including figures) and should clearly reflect the contents of the paper. The extended abstract must be accompanied by the following information:

  • 1.Title of paper
  • 2.Name of author(s)
  • 3.Affiliation(s)
  • 4.Conference Topics (up to 3, use the list above)
  • 5.Abstract (approx. 1000 words, including figures)
  • 6.Corresponding Author
       Complete mailing address
       E-mail address
       Telephone number / Facsimile number

The final manuscript should not exceed 7 pages of A4 size and should be submitted through the following website:

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract:  15 October, 2015
Notification of Acceptance:  31 January, 2016
Deadline for Final Manuscript:  29 February, 2016

Official Language for Paper & Presentation

The official language of the Conference is English.

Special Programmes

  • -Plenary Sessions
  • -Standardization Workshop